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Growing through Reaching, Teaching,
and Serving

If you are looking for a church home in the Columbia, Maryland area–indeed, a warm and intimate congregation that places a heavy emphasis on prayer and Bible study, please come visit us. We are non-denominational and open to all, as the namesake of our assembly implies. At Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Church, it’s a family affair in the name of the Lord.  

Who We Are

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Church is a church “determined to make the Gospel live.” This is our overall theme and our goal, to give flesh to the Gospel. We are an interdenominational fellowship that abounds in the love of Jesus and the desire to follow Christ on a personal and collective level. It has always been our desire to develop a dynamic witnessing fellowship whereby we can bring ourselves and others to commit their lives to Jesus and become genuine disciples of Christ. We are working on a daily basis to reach out to the community by helping others meet their needs, through witnessing to the homeless, through sharing the Gospel in tangible ways. It is our prayer, our desire and our vision that our church will become a worshipping, working and witnessing faith community. We work to help our members, as well as others, grow through various learning opportunities. We seek, always to pray and to make our prayer a reality by centering on ‘missions, evangelism, and Christian Education.


We are a church still in process of becoming. It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we are depending on our God to lead the way to add to the church and to make us greater witnesses for Him.

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